The Importance of Being Earnest

You want to add a new dog to the family and have decided on your very own Labradoodle, You are excited about bringing your puppy home, but now a different search begins — for the right breeder and we understand this completely.

Adding a puppy to the family is a big decision to be made carefully, not impulsively. Selecting a responsible breeder, who conducts health testing and screens you to make sure you are a good fit for one of her dogs, is crucial. You are, after all, about to add the newest member of your family to your home.

Knowing exactly what good breeders do that makes it worth the wait should help you make the right decision, this is why we wear our heart on our sleeve. We are VET checked and established as a genuine caring breeder by the local council. In order to obtain this we are thoroughly inspected each year by Harrogate Borough Council who attend our facilities and inspect all dogs with their own Vet, our home and the services we provide. We hold a completely open door policy with them, no need for appointments. just a friendly welcome to anyone that wishes to visit. You can find out more information about what it takes here

This is a common thing you may think, sadly there are a lot of breeders out there that don’t adhere to this so be vigilant.


Our License number is LN/199316289


Dear Customers,

If your query relates to one of our puppies, please be aware that we have now closed our waiting list until early 2021, due to continued demand we cannot commit to any more loving families and are unable to accept any further deposits. If you would like to be placed on the 2021 waiting list please send us your details.

Thank-you for your continued support and patience. It just goes to show how popular this amazing breed has become over the last five years and we are very proud to have been chosen by so many people to continue supplying our puppies to.

We really do appreciate your kind comments and are sorry that we cannot accommodate you all this year. As always we are here for any advice needed.

Best Wishes

Distinctive Doodles