Buying Guide

Your go to guide for buying a genuine Australian Labradoodle

Several genuine Australian Labradoodle breeders have come together to create a go to guide for owners looking to buy a genuine Australian Labradoodle.

Like everything else, there are individuals that will try to capitalise on the high price of these fantastic dogs.

Genuine, 100% Australians pups will generally cost upwards of £2000, so do your research.

So, what should we be looking for??

Firstly, genuine Australians command high prices to buy and or import them.

First thing is, paperwork! Ask to see paperwork, all genuine Australian Labradoodles will have at least a three generation pedigree, ideally registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America, (ALAA), the Australian Labradoodle Club of America, (ALCA) or the Australian Labradoodle Association of Europe, (ALAEU)

This will be very similar to a U.K. kennel club pedigree with parents, grandparents etc named, all of which should be Australian Labradoodles.

(There is an exception to this rule, where infusion breeds are permitted, such as Labradoodle, poodle, Cockapoo etc, but these SHOULD, be the minority, not the majority. Having one or two Australian Labradoodles in a 3 generation pedigree, is NOT a full Australian Labradoodle.

Breeders should allow you to see paperwork, but you’re unlikely to get a copy buying a pet.

Health testing, most genuine breeders, test for the Paw print genetic panel, this consists of 11 separate DNA tests to test for all the diseases associated with the 5/6 parent breeds. As an absolute minimum, hips, elbows, patellar and eyes should be tested, breeders should have copies of these health tests to show to owners.

Another big key thing, is Mum and dads coat. Are they very poodle like in coat? That should get you asking questions, although some lines are more curlier than others.

Some genuine breeders will Early spay and neuter and some will not, that used to be an indication of genuine Australians, however, over the last 5 years, this has changed a lot, with more and more breeders choosing tying tubes or contracts, as opposed to full spay and neuter.

Don’t accept excuses, genuine breeders will show you paperwork.

I know of one or two breeders out there, charging £2000 for what is effectively a pup that is 15% Australian, using an English Labradoodle Stud or poodle.

Save your hard earned pennies, do your research, ask all the questions, breeders should be transparent.

If you’re unsure, ask advice on here, genuine breeders will happily give advice to ward off owners from buying a fake Australian Labradoodle.

We are not here to slander other breeders, we are here to protect Puppy owners from being mis sold.

As there aren’t many genuine breeders in the U.K., it is a small community, so little goes unnoticed.

Please do your research and at least you can now make a more informed decision.

If anyone has anything to add that will help protect buyers, please feel free to contact us so we can share it with everyone.

Thanks in advance

Distinctive Doodles


Dear Customers,

If your query relates to one of our puppies, please be aware that we have now closed our waiting list until early 2021, due to continued demand we cannot commit to any more loving families and are unable to accept any further deposits. If you would like to be placed on the 2021 waiting list please send us your details.

Thank-you for your continued support and patience. It just goes to show how popular this amazing breed has become over the last five years and we are very proud to have been chosen by so many people to continue supplying our puppies to.

We really do appreciate your kind comments and are sorry that we cannot accommodate you all this year. As always we are here for any advice needed.

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